Sunday 30 October 2011

Myford Super 7

The last post I put up describing the Rotel RP 1500 deck reminded me of how I used to play on the Myford lathe that my Dad had in the garage. It was a beauty - a Myford Super 7. From the age of about 14 to 18 I used to play about on this lathe to teach myself how to make things from metal. I can still remember that to get the finest finish you need to work out the spring in the tool.  Although I haven't used one of these lathes for the past 30 years I think that given an hour with one and the instruction book I could probably make a good go at using one again. 

Here is a picture of a Super 7 that is close to the model of lathe that I used. It has a 3-jaw chuck, tool holder, screw cutting gearbox and lead screw, face plate and stand.