Monday 13 March 2017

Chances with Wolves

A superb piece HERE in The Paris Review by David Ramsey on the Internet radio station Chances with Wolves and the role it played as he cleared out his parents house in Nashville.

As we worked, I would find a photograph to keep, or I would find detritus to trash—say, the jewel box of a CD I bought in high school—and it was like uncovering old stories, a prior self, a lost language. A remembered moment or thought, long buried, would arrive with the jolt of discovery. Objects are sacred not when they become signifiers of nostalgia but when they collapse time altogether, when they are restorative of memory. When they are connective strands of the self, of the family, of the community. Our histories are fragile in flimsy recollection. Stuff is the durable stuff of our lives. Music, too, is like this.

Where else are you going to discover Watch ‘n’ Chain by Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation?

Image Copyright Chances With Wolves.