Thursday 16 June 2011

Great Home-workers of our Time

I have been inspired recently by two eminent scholars who have famously spent as much of their time working at home either in seclusion or with their family.  

Liam Hudson (1933-2005)

"He wrote presciently in 1977, in a talk for an international conference Creating the Productive Workplace, that the Nobel prizewinner Robert Stone “had the good sense to work at home with his wife” — he said that he always felt most at ease in his own home."

From his Obituary in the Times, HERE

Richard Stone (1913- 1991) - 1984 Nobel prize in Economics.

"In 1980, I retired from my university post. My retirement, however, has not severed my links with the two colleges with which I have been associated throughout my life in Cambridge: King's College, where I have held a Fellowship since 1945, and Gonville and Caius College, where I spent my undergraduate days and where I have been an Honorary Fellow since 1976. Nor has it altered my habits much except in so far as it has enabled me to work full time where I have always preferred to work at home." 

From his Autobiography HERE.