Wednesday 29 September 2010

Opera Historica & Intense Seeing

Here is a comparison between the page and textblock proportions of Intense Seeing and the Opera historica et philologica published in 1682 by Marcus Welser - and shown in an earlier posting.

The textblock proportions are almost identical - about 2:1 [H:W] and the ratios of Page Height: Textblock Height are again almost spot on the same at 6:5 [Page H: Text Block H].  The page width of Intense Seeing is a bit wider but allowing for loss due to binding this will end up about the same. 

Note that the absolute dimensions are quite different - the physical size of Opera Historica  is 325 x 202 mm and the Intense Seeing page size is 248 x 171 mm (
Pinched Crown Quarto).