Tuesday 7 July 2020

Excavations at Roman Corbridge: the Hoard (1988)

The diagram above is taken from a document written by L Allason-Jones and MC Bishop, and published in 1988 by English Heritage. The Roman site of Corbridge was excavated in annual seasons, partly as a training school run by the University of Durham, from 1947 to 1973. These investigations were mainly devoted to the examination of the remains of a series of forts which occupied the central portion of the later Roman town of Corbridge from about AD 80 to 163. The most remarkable single find, uncovered in July 1964, was the Corbridge 'hoard', pictured above. The armour discovered in the Corbridge Hoard was described in a book by H Russell Robinson The Armour of Imperial Rome (1975). Interest in the armour overshadowed the fact that the chest contained other objects of great interest. This volume is a definitive publication of all known objects from the Corbridge Hoard.   (HERE)