Wednesday 12 December 2012

Archive of Scientific Illustrations

HERE is a mind boggling archive of thousands of scientific illustrations of many different styles and historical periods. 

The example below is an illustration of a Halichoeres daedalma from The fishes of Samoa. Washington, Government print off.,1906. The image is from HERE.

For further details on the taxonomic status of this species see HERE.

Saturday 8 December 2012

The benefits of tea

The British love their tea. But they don't take it too seriously. Hiroyuki Suzuki does. HERE is his visual book that uses a unique colour coding to describe the benefits of 80 different teas. The combination of benefits creates what the author calls a "Ripple Chart" the more ripple, the more benefits. 

London Blitz Map

This website has mapped the complete census of bombs that landed on London during the Blitz (Oct 1940-June 1941). Users can search for dates and streets to see details of whne bombs landed. 

The image below shows how thoroughly London was bombed.