Friday 21 May 2021

Huh (2021)

From the latest newsletter by Craigmod. Huh. (HERE)

Consider the washbasin, underloved or disregarded, but here, huh, lots of detail, understated love: delicate tile, two styles — square and tall — with subtle color offsets, well-worn texture of wooden wall beams (high-quality?), pleasing natural color of wall itself (earthen, no wallpaper), wooden window frame with wooden slats mirroring vertical tiles (old screen, endearing), non-fussy containers for soap and hand sanitizer, paper towels in acrylic box prepped and ready to be pulled on (so often not the case), and then the metal washbowl propped against the corner, rubber circular base, the circle of the base connecting to the circle of the soap dispenser to the circle of the fÅ«rin bell hanging off to the left pulling the whole scene together, ending, finally, with the eyes finding the spigot, bottom right, gleaming and polished and clean and clearly adored in the simple way a spigot can be adored, late evening light, the whole scene seemingly acrostic, spelling out: come traveler, brush your teeth in this fine space.

Image & text Copyright Craig Mod 2021