Monday 25 May 2020

Courtney Love in Liverpool (1982)

I have never cared for Kurt Cobain, Nirvana,  or Courtney Love. But this short extract from Dave Haslam’s book Searching for Love: Courtney Love in Liverpool, is excellent. The reality of life in the un-glamorous period of Liverpool music history that was defined by Erics, the Teardrop Explodes, and above all Echo and the Bunnymen ('the best British band ever') is captured wonderfully. In hindsight, it is as exciting to read about as it was to have seen some of these bands growing and evolving at the time.

Here is how Love left Liverpool.
On 21 July 1982, she caught the National Express bus to Heathrow, stopping off for egg and chips in the Midlands. At the airport, she wrote in her diary: “I can play music and understand technology. I can stay in and resist the temptation to make the first move, or stay too long or worse get intense. I can make tea now. I can remain enigmatic, pose well and appear feminine.” She thinks about all the people she met and concludes: “There’s one asset everyone has until they’ve spent it. Their mystique.”