Tuesday 21 April 2020

Peopleware (1987)

Peopleware – Productive Projects and Teams
By Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister

This is a very useful book for people who are managing technically creative teams of people. It originated in the experience of the authors in software project management, but many of its insights can also be applied for scientists, engineers, technologists, technical designers etc. It is now in a third edition. 

On page 63 they define “flow”:

A condition of deep, nearly meditative involvement.  In this state there is a gentle sense of euphoria, and one is largely unaware of the passage of time: ‘I began to work, I looked up and three hours had passed.’  There is no consciousness of effort;  the work seems to well, flow.

Not all work roles require that you attain a state of flow in order to be productive, but for anyone involved with engineering, design, development, writing, or like tasks, flow is a must.  These are high momentum tasks.  It’s only when you’re in flow that the work goes well.

Image Copyright M.G. Reed 2020