Sunday 24 March 2013

The Biographical Dictionary of Literary Failure

The Biographical Dictionary of Literary Failure is a celebration of literary names you almost surely have never heard of. Partly because they are all failures, partly because they are all fictional characters. 

The site is currently working through its mission; "A celebration of writers who have achieved some measure of literary failure. Each week a short biography will be posted. After one year, they will all be deleted."

Recent posts have celebrated the lives, and failures, of Wilson St. John, Lord Frederick Rathole, T.J. Waronker, Hermann von Abwärts and The Beasley Collective.

Currently BDLF  is up to number 51 - you have been warned - within a short time these biographies may have disappeared and you may well regret not having read them. It would be a great shame if they were deleted, not only are they funny they are very well written. 

The author of BDLF is a certain C.D. Rose who has recently published with Unthank Books.