Thursday 22 September 2011

Data Deluge - the Stats!

I have been working away at this blog for over two years - the first post was on June 12th 2009 (which was itself a collection of stuff I had already written and had posted elsewhere). 

My working assumption has been that I am effectively writing this for myself. I like the URL and its good to find somewhere to keep all of the images and links that I like, so that I can go back and find them, it is also a journal of work in progress on Intense Seeing.

Google have just put a stats function on the Blogger dashboard and I can see in some detail how many pageviews for the blog there have been. 

Here is a plot of pageviews per month;

And a listing of the most viewed pages;

Amazingly the total pageviews since June 2012 is 26,858. 

So a big, big thanks to all my readers.